Comprehensive Investment Strategies

Through the leadership of experienced, independent financial advisors, FCMS offers personalized investment strategies designed to meet the uniquely important goals of each investor.

Liberty Portfolios™
Real Income™
Freedom Strategies™
Freedom Independence Plan™
FCMS 401(k) Service

Liberty Portfolios™ are comprehensive investment strategies designed to meet the uniquely important asset management needs of investors across the key phases of financial planning.

These strategies are constructed through a core and satellite approach that provides for enhanced diversification through the integration of multiple investment methodologies, including:

Do you have a strategy for retirement income?

During the final stage of the investment journey, investors are focused on longevity – ensuring the wealth they’ve worked so hard to build is available to support a lengthy and active retirement.

Investors want a straightforward retirement income solution that addresses the real challenges and risks they are likely to face in retirement, including: longevity, inflation, extreme volatility, and liquidity.

Learn how Real Income is built to address these risks while delivering long-term, inflation-adjusted income throughout your retirement.


Professional investment solutions aligned to your goals and dreams

We create a diversified investment allocation based on your goals by employing strategies from the following complimentary elements: .

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The Freedom Independence Plan™ is an innovative employer-sponsored retirement plan platform that empowers you to serve the needs of businesses, owners, and employees.

Through the leadership of experienced, independent financial advisors, our turnkey retirement plan solution provides professional leadership, fiduciary oversight, and comprehensive investment solutions to meet the needs of both plan sponsors and participants.

  • Professional Leadership
  • Fiduciary Oversight
  • Comprehensive Investment Solutions

The FCMS 401(k) Service is an investment tool for participants of employer-sponsored retirement plans.

The purpose of this service is to provide retirement plan participants access to an active process to reallocate their plan investments in response to changes in the global economy and capital markets.

Through the education of experienced, independent financial advisors, subscribers to this service are able to access actively managed asset allocation models that are overseen by our investment team.

FCMS 401(k) Service