Client Communication

Since investors entrust Freedom Capital Management Strategies® to manage the intricacies of their portfolios, we are committed to communicating proactively and providing meaningful transparency to clients regarding the management of their assets.

Independent financial advisors provide personalized leadership to clients who invest their assets through Freedom Capital Management Strategies®. These experienced advisors are responsible for guiding clients in the selection of an investment strategy designed to serve their uniquely important goals.

To ensure that the independent financial advisors are equipped to communicate with clients in an informed manner, these experienced advisors are provided direct access to the Freedom Capital Management Strategies® Investment Committee and have the opportunity to participate in our quarterly Economic Committee Meeting. Further, the advisors have access to the Trade Commentary which offers detailed information regarding the rationale behind the investment decisions made in each model portfolio available through the platform.

Each quarter, the Investment Committee also provides advisors and clients an in-depth review of the global capital market environment and offers commentary describing current portfolio positioning based upon our institutional investment process.

Below is a link to the latest Quarterly Market Update & Economic Outlook from our Investment Committee.